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[How to] Tax return: step-by-step-guide

You have got to love a screenshot step-by-step guide! We walk you through completing your tax return - tea and biscuit breaks included!

Happy New (Tax) Year!

The 2019/20 tax year started on 6th April - but what does this mean for you?

[Questions answered] I've missed the tax return deadline, what should I do?

Uh-oh! Charlotte's been in touch and she's forgotten to do her tax return. Don't panic! We've got you.

National Insurance Contributions (NICs) explained!

What on earth are National Insruance Contributions (NICs) and why do I have to pay them? We give you a class on all the classes!

[Questions answered] Touring allowance (and other expense allowances)

We received a great question from Lee about Touring Allowance in a self-assessment, so we thought we'd share the article with you all!

Cheat sheet

You've started your career as a self-employed performer and all the tax and finance lingo sounds like mumbo jumbo? Our cheat has you covered!

Happy New (Tax) Year!

The 2018/19 tax year started on 6th April - but what does this mean for you?

[How to] Register as self-employed

Getting your show on the road with a step-by-step screenshot guide!

Residency guide: Should you be paying tax in the UK (to HMRC)?

We take a tax road trip to work out whether you are UK-resident for tax purposes

[How to] Expenses: How to record and what to claim

We’ve all heard of them - let’s make sure we’re getting it right!

[How to] Income: How to record your income

Everything you need to know to make sure you're keeping track of your income properly