Your Questions Answered: Will being furloughed affect eligibility for the Self-employment Income Support Scheme?

Whilst in Covid-19 lockdown, Laura got in touch to ask whether being furloughed from her employed job was going to affect her eligibility for the self-employed income support scheme.

Hi there, I just have a question about all this madness and wondered if you could help. I have been furloughed by an agency that I have worked for, and I was wondering if this will affect my self employment grant that may be coming in June. Can I be furloughed PAYE and receive self-employment help? Thanks X

This is a short one but will be relevant for many in our industry!

Being furloughed from an employed job should NOT affect your eligibility for the government Self-employed Income Support Scheme. That is our understanding based on the government guidance so far. It seems that you are able to work and receive Self-employed Income Support, so there is no reason you couldn’t be furloughed and receive the support also.

We’ve done a full post on the Self-employment Income Support Scheme and if you want to know what other help may be available to you during Covid-19, have a look at our Covid-19 Help Page or our guide on Universal Credit.

Thanks again Laura, keep safe and stay creative!

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