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SansDrama Online App - now available!

No stress tax returns - no accountant needed!

Sansdrama online app will enable you to...

  • Record income (employed/self-employed)
  • Record expenses (and offset live against income - so you know what tax you owe/are due back)
  • Upload photos of receipts/expense evidence
  • Generate invoices in no time
  • Keep an eye on what you’re owed (simple traffic light system)
  • Tax return report (gives you what you need to fill out your tax return on HMRC). Easy!

Basically, got you covered! No accountants needed.

Follow the steps below to start your 10 day free trial, no credit card information required. Then just the price of a coffee (£2.50) each month after that! Or why not take advantage of the annual subscription for £25 and have two coffees on us?!

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Step 1: Add the app to your homescreen

We've made the SansDrama app a web-based app so that you can access it on any device that can browse the internet. This gives you total flexibility - from using your phone on the go to using your laptop in the comfort of home (tea and biscuits at hand).

To get the convenience of adding it to your phone homescreen, check out the video or read on to find out how it's done.

For iOS: Open up Safari and go to At the bottom of Safari is a little box with an arrow sticking up out of it (the share icon). Click this and scroll across until you find 'Add to Home Screen'. Easy.

For Android: Open up Chrome and go to At the top-right of the screen is three little dots in a vertical line (the menu icon). Click this and select 'Add to Home Screen'. Peasy.

Step 2: Register for the App

Either click the app from your home screen (as setup in step 1) or go to

Click the 'Register' button and enter a username, your email address, and a password. You'll use the username and password to log into the App.

Once you've done that, the App will take you to the login screen and you'll get a message confirming you're registered successfully.

This starts your 10 day free trial, just log in and give it a go! At the end of the 10 days, hopefully you'll love it and can subscribe.