Your Questions Answered: When will I get my P60 from my employer?

Here’s a question that everyone who has had employed work during that last tax year (2019/20) may be wondering about now:

Hey guys! I am just wondering if there is any time frame for employers sending out your P60 at the end of the tax year? I’ve got all my other information ready to go and I'm just waiting on one P60, which is annoying! Thank you! X !

Love, love, LOVE it when fellow Performers are keen to get their tax return done early! Bit of context on P60s and P45s first…

Like Maddie, anyone who has had employed work throughout the tax year should receive either a P60 or a P45 from their employer. They’re similar documents in that they are a form that summarises your earnings and any deductions taken (ie. National Insurance, Income Tax etc) on your behalf, whilst with that employer. The difference is that a P45 is what you should be given by your employer when you leave their employment, where as a P60 is what you should receive at the end of the tax year if you are still employed by them – every employer has a legal requirement to give you which ever is relevant.

Now back to Maddies question:

Every employer that you’re still employed by at the end of the tax year (April 5th), and therefore are expecting a P60 from, has a legal obligation to send you your P60 by 31st May (8 weeks after the tax year ends).

It’s also worth mentioning that each UK employer that you have during the tax year should report your financial information (income and any deductions) to HMRC already. This is the same information that is on your P60/P45. Sometimes, this means that the employed section of your tax return is already filled out with that information for you, but often this is not the case.

Whilst your P60/P45 is always the best source of this information, but you should also be able to use your latest payslip or record it as you go (such as in the SansDrama App #plug).

Wishing Maddie an easy, breezy tax return using our guide once she has received the P60 she’s waiting on!

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